Ten Things to Take the Fear Out of Buying!

  1. Find a real estate agent that is not only skilled, but a good fit with your personality.
  2. If you find a home now, donít  second-guess your decision. A good home wonít stay on the market long.
  3. Donít ask for too many opinions.  It's your decision based on your needs and wants.
  4. Accept that no house is ever perfect.
  5. Be a fair negotiator. Getting the best deal is important, but getting the house you want is more important.
  6. Consider all the factors including location, life style, and things that will make you happy.
  7. Be armed with an existing mortgage approval.
  8. Consider maintenance and repair costs in your home buying budget.
  9. Don't get overwhelmed.  Your agent should help you handle the stress.
  10. Choose a home first because you love it, not because it may yield a great price later.